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Your Holy Grail of "cross-dimensional customer data. Imagine merging customers shopping data beyond Walmart, learning about customer spending habits elsewhere" ... scares the daylights out of me. That is my own personal hell you've just described.

I suggest you may want to look at so-called "Cancel Culture" through the lens of "accountability, finally". I've read elsewhere, "When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression." To those claiming to have been cancelled, I ask, upon whose backs have you have built your platform?

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With cancel culture, I'd assume there'd be two sides to the equation. From a political sense, left and right wingers are both going to feel destroyed, unequal or oppressed depending on who you apply this to, and in what context you apply it.

Basically when it happens to us, we definitely feel usurped. But where is the fine line between freedom of speech and propagating the right narratives forward? Taking a step back, it all boils down to the question - should privately owned social platforms be regulated at all? Maybe yes, since they're a part of the bigger political, business & socio-economic portrait now (advertently or inadvertently).

It's definitely not an easy challenge to solve, much less an easy question to answer.

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