I eat, drink and breathe product.

Now, I productize innovation in fintech. I’m the voyageur on the lookout for the subtle shifts in the vast expanse of financial markets that have the potential to completely disrupt how we think about movement, storage, lending and investment of money. My passion lies in finding those ingenious opportunities and building something truly magnificent.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing set of people solving some really hard challenges in the fintech payments and innovation space.

My focus will be on trends ranging from contactless payments, credit technologies, access to capital, financial inclusion, sustainable finance, green rewards & incentives, fintech in SaaS, crypto & CBDCs, digital identity & regulation, p2p payments, social elements of finance and more!

This newsletter aims to share some of the learnings and insights from my day to day job in small snippets of monthly digestible content. Just so that you don’t have to scour tons of articles from the payments space each and every day, and get overwhelmed.

For those of you who’re interested in keeping abreast of the latest avant-garde technologies, trends and transformations in the consumer and retail payments space, I hope this newsletter finds a lasting space in your inbox.

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- Swapna (@Microsoft)

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